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After many requests, we decided to create an additional post in english for our lovely international followers: thank you for being so loyal and affectionate!

Here we go.

Caprese salad is a summer classic, easy to prepare, fresh and nutrient, it’s a greatly welcomed option for everybody. In this case the challenging part for us was to close such a beauty in a small jar!

It is very important that all the ingredients are fresh and almost untouched, in order to avoid altering their original color, taste and characteristics throughout the preparation process.

Caprese in vasetto

Ingredients for 6-8 12,5 fl oz jars  (our choice went for Weck)

2 medium size fresh tomatoes
300gr of burrata cheese
fresh basil
extra virgin olive oil ( possibly italian or any other good quality brand )
ice cubes
salt as needed

The preparation process is very simple, you’ll just need a little bit of patience to arrange the ingredients in layers inside the small jar.

First of all, we need to peel the tomatoes. To make this operation easier, we suggest to lightly cross cut the tops of the tomatoes and cautiously (careful here!) immerge them into boiling water for no more than 30 seconds. The shock caused by the temperature difference will make the peeling process way easier.

Once the skin from the tomatoes has been removed, cut them into 4 edges and remove the small seeds inside; blend them in a blender to create a rough puree ( does not have to be liquid ) and leave this to drain the remaining water off in a fine mesh colander.

To prepare the burrata cheese, just blend it lightly in a blender again, to make it smoother and loose.

In the meanwhile, you will prepare the basil aromatic oil with a handful of basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil as needed, a pinch of salt and two or three ice cubes which will go in a blender together; the ice cubes will avoid the basil leaves to loose their beautiful original green color.
Furthermore, the olive oil will taste super good without getting that slight bitterness typical of the oil after being treated in a blender.

Now that our three ingredients and three colours are ready, we will arrange them in the small cuties jars, starting from the tomato puree ( 1st layer at the bottom ), followed by a light layer of burrata, and the basil oil on top. Et voilà!

The caprese in a jar can be prepared 1 day before your special meal and is the perfect solution to amaze your guests!




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